*NAME: Neil Francis Kettle.

*DATE OF BIRTH: 4th October 1967.

*UPBRINGING: On a remote sheep farm on Bodmin Moor.

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*FAMILY: No brothers or sisters. Father died in a farm accident in 1984. Mother died of cancer in 1985.

1987: Sold up, after trying to run Kettle Farm alone for two years. Joined Devon & Cornwall Police Force at the age of 20. Sale of farm made him a wealthy man.

*PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 6′ tall, 13 stone or 192lb. Receding brown hair, tans easily, blue eyes.

*STATUS: Widower…his wife Jenny died in a road traffic accident in 2009, after four years of marriage. No children. Her life insurance payout added to his bank balance, but he has little interest in money.

*AILMENTS: Cracked 2 ribs in a teenaged motorcycle accident, further injured from a kick while making an arrest. Suffers from bad back sometimes. Attends Shiatsu massage therapist.

*INTERESTS: Art, painting, Nature, reading, his diet, motorcycling, classic vehicles…owns Range Rover (Ringo), Jenny’s magenta Mazda MX-5 (Milly) and a Big Bear 1800cc chopper (Boanerges). Is creating a meadow and wildlife haven at his isolated moorland home Goothtoden. Loves music and uses it and painting as a form of meditation. Acquired electric-acoustic guitar to learn to play. Listens to French language CDs.

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*POLICE CAREER: Started as a beat Constable, before promotion to Detective Sergeant, then Detective Inspector when he transferred to the Major Crime Team. Further promotion to Detective Chief Inspector when he took command at the age of 40 in 2007. An Authorised Firearm Officer—AFO—Neil hates guns.

*POLITICS: Liberal/Green. Neil opposes Brexit, knowing how farmers depend on EU grant aid.

*BEST FRIEND: Christie Cook, known as CC, Devon & Cornwall Police Force’s forensic pathologist. Knows the dead well, having worked on Bosnian War atrocities. Nine years older than Neil, she’s single but shares her life with an African Grey parrot called Blotto.

*COMPANION: Bastet, a feral silver tabby cat rescued from a crime scene, who lives in a summer house in the garden.

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*LOVE INTEREST: Mourning for his wife, Neil hasn’t dated since she died. But, he has corresponded with an American witness, Mish Stewart, from 2012 on the Who Kills A Nudist? investigation. She unexpectedly returns to Cornwall in 2018. Things change.

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